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Niall and Cillian are off on tour in the US and Canada from June 13th to June 29th. The tour will take in performances in New York, Connecticutt, New Hampshire, Delaware, Washington DC, Maryland and Quebec. It will include a special performance with the Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra in Ocean City, MD on June 20th.

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"Callan Bridge" has been re-released by Crow Valley Music.  It can bought online now from


Cillian has just released a new album along fellow Lunasa member Kevin Crawford. Visit his new website for more details. They'll be on tour in the US at the end of March - visit the tourdates page for details.



Please note our new e-mail address -


All albums featuring Niall, Cillian and Caoimhín Vallely ar now available from Crow Valley Music. Click here for Reviews.



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